Hi There! Welcome.

My name is Ian Macdonald. 

I serve as the Pitching Coach & Recruiting Coordinator at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Previously, I served as an Assistant Coach & Recruiting Coordinator at the University of Charleston (WV) and Volunteer Assistant Coach – Pitching Coach at Grove City College (PA).

One of the things that I love most about my job is player evaluation and recruiting. 

Over the years, much of what I have learned about evaluation & recruiting has come from conversations with other college coaches and scouts.

Individuals who have been generous with their time, willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Over the years, I have found publicly available information & resources on these topics to be limited.

The goal of this project is twofold; to (a) to document/catalog what I am learning about evaluation, recruiting, & decision making, and (b) share information & shed insight into how we, as a program, identify, evaluate, and recruit.

Over time, additional resources related to evaluation & recruiting will be added to this site.

Thank you to our Head Coach, Rich Benjamin, for supporting this project.

I hope you find the information & resources on this website useful.