Hi There! Welcome.

My name is Ian Macdonald. 

I serve as an Assistant Baseball Coach & Recruiting Coordinator at the University of Charleston.

One of the things that I love most about my job is player evaluation and recruiting. 

Over the years, much of what I have learned about evaluation & recruiting has come from conversations with other college coaches and scouts.

Great baseball men who have been generous with their time, willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Many college head coaches consider recruiting ability & experience to be one of the most important skills for assistant coaches to develop. (LINK)

However, I have found information & resources on these topics to be limited.

The goal of this project is to share information & shed insight into how we, as a program, identify, evaluate, and recruit.

Over time, additional resources related to evaluation & recruiting will be added to this site.

Thank you to our Head Coach, Robbie Britt, for supporting this project from the start.

Thank you to our assistant coaches: Zo, Blatch, Porty, Beth, Pablo, & Isaac for your continued support and involvement in improving our system & processes.

We hope you find the information & resources on this website useful.